Company Profile: Cascone Auto Sport

Cascone Auto Sport provides independent and general servicing of all Porsche cars, motor sport services, modifications and repairs, driver coaching, and track support to all Porsche enthusiasts in the entire Australia.

About Cascone Auto Sport

The company was established in 2012 in Victoria by Nick Cascone, himself a Porsche and motor sport enthusiast. He has a growing passion for the Porsche brand which fuels his interest to develop the Cascone Auto Sport for the benefit of those who love the car and the sport.

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Our Mission is to provide the best knowledge and experience, and customer service to all customers, both current and prospective. Excellence in service for the Porsche brand is what we value most. Our Service Team is composed of qualified technicians and apprentices. Our technicians have had a good training, and are proud in setting the highest standards in Porsche service in the country.

What We Offer – Independent Porsche Service in Melbourne

Cascone Auto Sport, as one of the only independent Porsche service Melbourne, offers you our personalized services as an alternative to the present framework of the Porsche dealership. Regardless of whether the job is small, as a simple tire repair, or big, as a major service you are assured that we have the tools and the manpower to do it, and your Porsche will be handled as if we are its owner.

We know that our customers are happy with us, but still, we do not stop finding new ways to make our services better and exceed client expectations. Perhaps this is the reason why our relationship with them stays strong and has become the strong foundation of our company’s success.

Porsche Motor Sport

Cascone Auto Sport takes pride in its ability to build an enviable and long standing reputation in motor sport in the country. Originally developed to do general Porsche servicing, it has ventured into supporting club/race cars and has later been able to cater to a growing number of Porsche enthusiasts who wish to enjoy their vehicle to its full potential.

We are happy to extend our support to our customers and to be able to stay in close contact with them in all levels of competition. From club sprints to cup races that are highly competitive, we can help you to turn your Porsche in its most winning form.

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General Porsche Service

If you let us service your Porsche on a regular basis, costly repairs in the future can be avoided. However, a full service won’t be necessary every time your vehicle is brought in to be serviced.

As we inspect your Porsche, we will take note of the areas that require to be attended to. When it comes to service, every Porsche is different, so our approach is different each time. We will submit to you a possible solution to the problem noted, subject to your approval. Your budget will also be considered when we make the estimates, and we make sure that the cost will work within your set budget. You can rest assured that the safety and performance of your car will not in any way be compromised.