Different Types of Guns

Guns are used by ordinary citizens for various reasons, which are certainly different from the reasons the police and military use them. Some buy guns as their defense tools, while others are for their hobbies such as being active members of shooting clubs. Some gun owners buy firearms as their collection items.

The types of guns include the following.

Handguns – got the name from the ability of the weapon carrier to use their hand in firing it. Pistols and revolvers are the two types of handguns. Pistols have their bullet chambers in the gun barrel and in the early models; you were only able to reload after you had fired off the round. The modern pistols today, the semi automatic and machine pistols can make multiple successive shots. The revolvers, however, have 6 chambers at the least, to loge bullets. This type is the first handgun to have the ability to fire multiple successive shots. You can see the full range of guns at www.gunsforsale.net.au – they are a new online retailer of firearms.


Long Guns or Shoulder Guns – are also classified into two types:

Rifles are a type of firearms that are fired from the shoulder of the gun carrier. The name came from the groove in the shape of the gun, which was called rifle. This gun has long barrels that enables a person to hit his target at a far distance, but like handguns, the previous models of rifles has the capacity to fire only one round before reloading. The newly manufactured rifles today, however, have chambers that can contain several bullets. Assault rifles, also, can fire rounds of from 3 to 5 for every pull of the trigger.

Shotguns are also shoulder-wielding, and are sometimes called “shatter guns”. Compared to handguns, the shotguns’ barrels are longer, but do not have the grooved shape of the rifles. The bullets of shotguns contain small pellets that scatter when fired, but it can also fire a slug, or single bullet. Shotguns are quickly becoming a favorite for home defense, because they are effective in hitting small and fast moving objects and will not likely kill an intruder.

Used Guns and Ammo

Cannons – are among the earliest and the largest guns available and its projectiles can cover hundreds of feet, and sometimes thousands, depending on the cannon’s angle. Its use was documented at 12th century China. Cannons can weaken the enemy forces. These times, cannons are used in aircraft carriers and battleships, in firing at land structures from the air or sea.

Before you can buy a gun that you want, you must first apply for a license. There are different categories, which are listed by letter. For example, if you are applying for a license to buy air rifles and shotguns, the category is A; for shotguns, category B, and for pistols, category H. For the latter category, H, your application form should include two character references. To get your license you often have to be a member of a shooting club like http://sportingshooters.weebly.com for a period of time and also perform certain courses and tasks.
If you do not have a valid reason for obtaining a gun, or you are found to have a criminal background, it’s most likely that your application will be rejected. Additionally, if you are requesting for a license to buy a pistol, you need not give any other reason if you are an active member of a pistol shooting club.

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