Why you should have a property professionally inspected before buying

You have been looking for a house and you have finally gotten to the house which you believe is the best for you. Before buying that house, you need to keep in mind that a seller will always dress up the house in a perfect way in order to ensure that the house sells fast. You should therefore not be in a rush to pay the deposit in the fear that the house will be bought by another buyer. Even if you have already gone through the entire house and tested a few things to see whether they are working, it is important to hire a professional to have the house inspected before you pay the deposit on the house.

Property Inspections

Importance of professional inspection

The main reason why you should have a property professionally inspected (from a qualified inspector like JKB Property Inspections Melbourne) before buying is because you will not have to cover the cost of any repairs needed. A lot of people make the assumption that the houses they buy have already gone through an inspection paid for by the seller and they therefore do not require another inspection. This is not supposed to be the case; a seller can easily say they had the house inspected in order for them to get the money and avoid wasting time on inspection. However, when this happens, you are the one who will have to cover the expenses incurred for repairs when the house starts having different problems shortly after you move. However, if you have the inspection before paying any money, the seller will be responsible for making the repairs.

Qualified property inspectors

What the inspection entails

Before you hire a professional to inspect the property, it is very important to know that they are not licensed by any authority. Different inspectors therefore offer different services. However, you should ensure that several things are covered in the inspection. These are; plumbing, cooling and heating system, walls, floors, ceilings, basement, drainage, roofing and electrical system among other things you would like to know whether they are in good condition.

What you need to look for in an inspector

The first thing you need to do is ensure the person you hire for the job is from a licensed organization that requires only experienced and skilled personnel for the job – like the property inspection qualification here. The other thing you need to do is ensure that the inspector is not recommended by the seller since this may make the report biased since the seller benefits most from the sale of the house. Last but not least, get a home inspector that is highly recommended by friends and family who have had the services before.